This is the word that comes to mind when speaking on my love for music.  I grew up in the 80s, where R&B, hip hop and rap made a major surge in the music industry.  That is where my love for music began.  My favorite artist has always been Michael Jackson.  His talent and abilities inspired my creativity and gave me a great appreciation for all types of music.  But rap is my niche.  I started out by writing poetry, a que I took from Tupac Shakur who had a unique way of using his poetry to masterfully and sonically record his words over pristine beats.  In my early 20’s, I was part of a group called the “Beat it Up (B.I.U) Clique” where I sharpened my skills as a song writer.  This group also helped me strengthen my vocals, cadences and production skills.  After a couple of years, I broke off from the group to find myself as a solo artist.  However, I quickly learned that unlike other major cities in Texas (Dallas and Houston), Austin artists aren’t always willing to work together.  It has been a tough road, but I’m still here.  I am older now, and my sound has changed a lot over the years.  My content is different, my delivery is more versatile, the beats bang harder, and the features are better than ever.  I’m not a kid anymore, but music has no age limit.  I plan to bring you my most inner thoughts, the real me without the fluff.  Come with me on this expedition… learn my heart… learn my soul. Thank you for your time, and your listening ear. 


Welcome to Black Authority Mindset Enterprises,

I am Bam Bam Thrilla.